Energy Network Optimization

  • ENetOPT : Steam Import / export, steam/electricity Network operation optimization
  • ENetPLAN : Energy network production plan optimization

  • Plant-wide energy balance
  • Loss Identification
  • Identify abnormal flow measurement
  • Identify abnormal operation condition causing energy loss
  • Simulate energy network change - (New device, Process revamp, etc)
  • DR based balance (unknown flow measurement estimation)
  • On-line Main Device Efficiency Calculation
  • Furnace, Boiler Efficiency based on load
  • Heater Coil efficiency
  • Steam Turbine isentropic & thermal efficiency
  • Gas Turbine Efficiency Based on External Temperature
  • HRSG Efficiency and Exhaust Energy
  • Heat exchanger fouling factor
  • Device Efficiency Monitoring
  • Alarms Abnormal Device Efficiency and operating
  • On-line Energy Device Efficiency Calculation
  • Efficiency Calculation based on balanced data
  • Embedded Efficiency Calculation module
  • User can demand special-purpose efficiency
              calculation module
  • Web-based Management system shares
              information company-wise
  • Plant-wide Energy Intensity Management
  • Energy Intensity Calculation based on Balanced
  • Easy comparison between current and target
              Energy Intensity using Band diagram
  • Plant-wide Energy Intensity Map
  • Colorize Map Area using target energy intensity
  • Link to Energy Intensity trend, target page
  • Identify Energy intensity by Area Color
  • Displays the current energy intensity plot
  • Analyze current data to resolve abnormal situation
  • Process Constraint
  • Steam/Condensate Energy
  • Motor Power Requirement
  • Electricity Production Requirement
  • Steam Buy/Sell Contract Quantity
  • Device Steam load Requirement
  • Steam/Electricity Production
  • Optimization Result
  • Boiler Steam Production quantity
  • Turbine Steam Supply and Exhaust vs Electricity
              Production (Exergy)
  • Steam Import/Export Quantity
  • Steam-Electricity motor swing
  • Boiler, turbine device on/off
  • Letdown Steam Quantity vs Turbine operation
  • Objective
  • Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) is the use of a heat engine or power station
    to generate electricity and useful heat at the same time. Using ENetPlan user can optimize energy production plan
    under the constraints such as SMP price, device efficiency and production price, etc
  • Comparison between ENetPlan and SR2 expert planning result
  • Comparison under the same operating condition and difference with cost optimization operation

    Case by case energy network simulation system

    • Analyse the effect of plant-wide energy network under the altered
          operation condition (eg, New Plant, steam demand change, plant Shut down, etc)


  • Simulate network balance under an altered steam production and distribution
  • Simulate Optimization of energy network based on altered network steam balance
  • Simulate steam generation condition based on process change
  • Simulate steam generation condition change
  • Simulate turbine operation condition change
  • Simulate boiler operation condition (fuel, blow
              down) change
  • Simulate steam trap, various energy loss change
  • Simulate Boiler, Turbine On/Off based on process
  • Simulate Change Electricity, Energy production

What-if Simulation

  • What if process constraint changes?
  • What if Steam/Electricity price changes?
  • What if import steam flow changes?
  • What if seasonal steam loss changes?
  • What if boilers and steam turbine keeps minimum
  • What is economical operating condition to
              produces electrical power?
  • What if operating condition change
  • What if new heat exchanger is installed?
  • What if a plant is shut downed?
  • What if New plant is constructed?
  • What if new installed furnace produces steam?
  • What if device steam is changed from HS to MS?
  • If SM Plant unit total circulate steam/distillate, steam balance becomes
  • HS Usage : 30  0 T/H, 30 T/H decrease
  • MS Usage : 45  15 T/H, 30 T/H decrease
  • LS Usage : 15  20 T/H, 5 T/H increase
  • If 3rd Plant 9T/hr export is shut-off, steam balance becomes
  • LS Export (Sell) : 9 T/H decrease
  • If 2nd Plant Imports (buys) more external 35T/hr, steam balance become
  • HS Export (Sell) : 55  90 T/H, 3 T/H decrease