Electrolysis Production Plan

  • PRDPLAN program optimize the production plan of electrolysis process consists of several plants constrained to production demand, operation condition, differential electricity pricing


  • High electricity price cause high production cost
  • Optimize production plan considering differential electricity price
  • optimize production plan considering Cl2, NaOH market demand
  • optimize production plan considering membrane operating condition, raw material stock
  • adapt easily to scheduled reactor maintenance, operating condition change
  • adapt quickly to hourly change of supply and demand
  • adapt quickly to production plant process changes
  • Electrolysis Reactor Temperature Control
  • Minimize electricity energy intensity by minimize registstance (Maintain maximum temperature)
  • Need predictive control by CW time delay and continuous process characteristics
  • Control reactor temperature by CW flow (Considering maximum reactor temperature)
  • Control reactor temperature within optimal production plan KA value. If temperature exceed max value, fine tune KA or voltage value
  • Delta P control
  • Control membrain pressure by Cl2 or H2 compressure control
  • Reactor Load variation control
  • Swing operation of reactors