Infotrol Technology was founded in May, 2004 , since then develops in-house technology and carry out numerous projects, specialized in continuous process, energy optimization, process automatic control(APC).

Domestic process control, optimization and automation depends on foreign technology due to lack of fundamental technology. These situation causes critical information leak, and shows disappointing returns in contrast to investment due to intentional avoidance of technology transfer and insufficient maintenance.

Infotrol Technology is well aware of this problem, so focusing on research and development in the field of process automation investment and we provides products competent to foreign technology ensure user to achieve a practical effect.

Infotrol Technology Co. Ltd. develops Integrated Process Expert System (IPOES : old ISA) and improves process productivity by providing standardization of process operation, and expert level operation automation. IPOES is able to automate through plant Start Up, to Shut Down, Emergency Start Up, Emergency Shut Down and all NOP process. Currently we apply this product to automate NCC Heater Change, Dryer Switch, Polymer Grade Change at various industrial sites. IPOES is currently used over 35 sites.

Infotrol is coopering with France Sherpa Engineering and develop continuous process automatic control and optimization by incorporating Multi-variable Predictive Controller package HIECON. This product is applied to Energy, petroleum and fine chemical process automation and optimization. HIECON is world-widely adapted by above 500 cases APC software. Adaption of HIECON is not mere transfer of applied technology, but secures fundamental technology including source code. Research and Development based on these technology enabled performance improvements and satisfaction of various customer needs.

These improvements is upgraded in our company’s HIECON-I product, and have advantage in managing control configuration by custom program defining one module (class) for process model based on variation in environment, tuning parameter, and controller. Theses flexible configuration has unique advantage over the other technology product. This technology is currently used in Utility (boiler) automatic control, and HIECON-I replaces the role of foreign product on several leading companies by distinguished features. HIECON-I is currently used over 19 sites.

Infotrol have developed world first Multi-Variable predictive controller for Batch process automatic control software Hierarchical Predictive Controller for Batch (HPCB), and achieved tremendous progresses by applying it to numerous fine chemical and petroleum industry. HPCB has been funded by 2004 MOTIE (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) Technology Business Incubator (TBI) This product is employed by 16 processes and , have contributed Batch Cycle Time decrease, product improvement, and productivity improvement.

CEO of Infotrol Technology Co., Ltd. Weon Ho Kim