Energy Network Optimization

  • Plant-wide Energy Network Balance and Management
  • Energy Intensity Monitoring ang Analysis
  • Optimal Energy Network Operation
  • What-if System Simulation

Energy Network Planning

  • Co-generation Plant Optimal Production Planning
  • Various Costing Type (SMP, PPA)
  • Production Plan in arbitrary time interval

Process Automation

  • Process Standardization/Automation
  • Simulation and Operator Education System
  • Coorperation with process control system

APC (Advanced Process Control)

  • Unit operation optimization
  • MPC (Model Predictive Control)
  • Virtual Online Analyzer

Batch Process Optimal Control

  • Applicable to Batch Process, Semi-batch Process
  • Batch Operation Simulation and Operator Education System
  • Adapts to time varying parameter such as reaction heat

Batch Management System

  • Total Database Management system for Batch system
  • Optimal Production Schedule based on Production time and stock
  • Raw Material/Product Stock, Production Management
  • Data Visualization coordinated to Log

Electrolysis Optimal Production Plan

  • Optimize production plan considering differential electricity price
  • Optimize production plan considering Cl2, NaOH market demand
  • Adapt easily to scheduled reactor maintenance, operating condition change
  • Adapt quickly to production plant process changes