Batch Process Optimal Production Planning

For the batch process which produces various products or grades, batch production planning system builds on and off line mode optimal production planning satisfying the inventory requirement according to the production supply plan and raw materials supplying schedule while meeting the users’ various constraints such as choosing the specific reactors for the product production, assigning production order of the products, constraints on batch completion and start time overlap, etc.

  • The following benefit can be obtained from the batch optimal production planning system
  • Production rate improvement
  • Optimal management of supply and inventory      products
  • Real time updated production plan for the change      of product sales, raw materials supply plan updated      and production facility management, etc.

    Oriented for batch process production planning and apply it to actual plant in Korea

    Production maximization under the following typical constraints of batch process:

    Various constraints at each reaction step of a product

    Production order of each products (or grade)

    Raw material supply constraints at each reaction step

    Each batch start and complete lead/lag time constraints

    Real time constraints updated

    Specific product production target within the planning projection period

    Other constraints

    MIP (Mixed Integer Programming) modeling and applying commercial MIP Solver (Gurobi)

    PPRDPLAN is production planning optimization program optimize the production plan of electrolysis process consists of several plants constrained to production demand, operation condition, differential electricity pricing.

    User can take advantages below if PRDPLAN is applied

    Reduce production cost by optimal planning

    Optimize production plan considering operating condition

    Optimize production plan considering operating scheduled reactor maintenance, market demand


    Visual modelling automatically produces necessary equation based on process constraints

    Target production quantity schedule

    Electrolysis reactor condition

    MILP (Mixed Integer Linear Program) Optimization engine

    Work plan time can be selected freely

    daily, weekly, yearly production plan

    Automatic Report generation/ Automatic DCS Production Loading